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Visit our Blog for posts to help you help yourself through Panic attacks, Agoraphobia, Obesessive-Compulsive Disorder and Self Esteem issues as well as learning how to stop Abuse in your life.
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Medications...Do I need them ?
Medications are often necessary as part of the process of treating your symptoms. Let's look at your options.
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There is no quick fix or easy way to take control

 of panic attacks, phobias, agoraphobia, intrusive thoughts, compulsive behaviors and low self-esteem. It takes hard work, a readiness and willingness to face change and a great deal of support from others who truly understand. Most importantly, it takes guidance from an experienced professional who knows what you need to do to conquer your symptoms.

I am a psychologist with 40 years of experience specializing in the treatment of panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and low self-esteem. Our web site, has been here helping hundreds of others since 2001.

I will be your personal “Coach”, and I will teach you:

  • Why you are experiencing your anxiety symptoms;
  • How to identify the triggers for your anxiety symptoms;
  • How to realize and resolve the conflicts and Issues that cause you to feel overwhelmed and make you susceptible to panic and anxiety as well as intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors;
  • How to take control of the intrusive thoughts, the numbing emotions and the sabotaging behaviors that make you feel weak when confronted by anxiety symptoms;
  • How to develop a game plan to make needed changes in your life so that you can take control of your anxiety symptoms;
  • How to desensitize to your fears, and...
  • How to assert yourself so that you can develop greater self-respect and esteem.
  • Private Coaching is available to ALL members.
  • Private Coaching is by far the most successful step you can take, because I can focus on your personality, your needs, your conflicts and issues and your anxiety symptoms.
  • Private Coaching allows me to help you develop a plan of action, reasonable goals, and steps to achieve those goals that are not overwhelming, but add confidence and strength as you take control of your symptoms, and your life.
  • Private Coaching is either done by phone, or in our Private Coaching Chat Room which allows for audio/video conferencing so we can see and hear each other for maximum effectiveness. Audio/video conferencing requires that you have broadband access, a web cam and speakers and sound card.
  • Private Coaching fees are $75 for one hour and $40 for each half hour. We accept MC, Visa and Discover.
  • Private Coaching is not meant to take the place of face to face therapy and therefore is not appropriate when there are issues of severe depression or suicidal thoughts or ideation. Coaching is a very effective means by which to understand and conquer anxiety symptoms, including panic attacks, agoraphobia and obsessive-compulsive behaviors and is best when part of a total program that includes appropriate medical evaluation and treatment, which MAY include medications.

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